June 19, 2010

Tiramisu For Daddy...

Well, kind of! We are going over to Scott and Heather's tomorrow night and they asked me to make dessert. Jeremy mentioned Tiramisu and since it's Father's Day weekend I just had to make it for him :)
Heather loves chocolate and peanut butter so I made this one especially for her. It's peanut butter cookie and chocolate cheese cake. Have you ever seen a cheese cake glazed in chocolate?!
Here's my first groom's cake! And the funny thing is.....I have NO idea what it is. The groom just asked me if I could make a cake that looks like an "AKAI MPC1000" and I said, "Send me a picture" so he did and this is it! I guess it's used for recording music or something like that.
It's red velvet cake with cream cheese filling! Gotta deliver it tomorrow afternoon.

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grub said...

wow your cakes are impressive :) keep up the great work.

hrm an AKAI MPC1000..i also have no idea, but we have AKAI "music broadcasters" at home