June 14, 2010

Unwanted Visitor!

We've had a few unwanted visitors in our vegetable garden this summer. Let's start with the first ones. When we saw our beautifully bloom covered boysenberry bush we were SO excited. Then we saw the berries arrive and we just couldn't wait for them to ripen so that we could pick them and eat them all up! Well, someone else was waiting for that day too. One day we went out there and about 75% of them were gone. So, Jerm put up bird netting and they still disappeared. Ugh!
Then there was the night that the deer ventured into the garden and ate the carrot tops. So, Jerm made a deer fence and we haven't seen them since.
Now, we have these worms in our squash plants! Jerm read all about them and I guess a moth lays eggs in the plant and when the eggs hatch the worms eat the plant from the inside out. Bad news is that some of the larva could still be in the soil and won't hatch until next year. But, Jerm was determined to kill each and every live worm that was infesting and killing our squash plants! Nasty!
Potty Time!
Layne has figured out the potty game and she is VERY good at it. She has figured out that if she sits on the potty and goes potty it will play music....which she loves! She has also figured out that she can just go pee pee just enough to make it play music-get a treat and then sit back on the potty again and go and get ANOTHER treat! What a little smartie. All in all potty training is going excellently with Layne!

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Cipolla said...

Boo. They got into our squash plants too- it's our second year to loose all our squash, and this year we had even put seven dust on multiple times. I think we'll just buy our squash in the future and save our garden space for things we can grow. Boo.