June 23, 2011

Family Adventure!
So......this is ours!! We fell in love with this place about 3 years ago when we discovered it on the island (Treasure Island) where we take our family vacation every year. When we were down a few months ago for my dad's wedding of course we HAD to stop by for a snoball! We noticed that there was a very small for sale sign in the window. And that's where our adventure began! They (September, Morgan, Jeremy, and my mom) began seriously discussing purchasing the business.....
Jeremy made a trip down to talk more with the owners and check everything out and we ended up buying it. We closed on it on Monday and September and Morgan began training that day at 4pm. They are still in training, but they are basically running the shop themselves and they are AMAZING at it!
Here's Sep at the window ready to take your order!!
Check out the facebook page-just search Beach Snoballs!!
Here we are "behind the scenes" of the amazing Snoballs!!

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