June 10, 2011

How Does One In The South Deal With A Black and Blue Toe Nail?!

Why, you drill a hole in it of course!
Last Friday I went on my 11 mile run in order to prepare for this 1/2 marathon that I have in about a week. When I got home my toe was bothering me a little. By the end of the night, the nail was black and blue and it was throbbing. When I talked with Jerm about it he very mater of factly told me that the solution was to drill a hole in the toe nail!?!? I had never heard of such a thing! Since the toe was throbbing and I had a 5K race in the morning I gave in and he got his tools. Sure enough, he sat there with a small drill bit and twirled it around using his fingers until he reached the blood blister. It felt much better and there was definitely a blood blister under that toe nail!! He ended up having to "drill" it two times that night.
Needless to say, I did not end up running the 5K race the next morning and I actually had to take 3 other days off in order for the toe to heal.
the picture above is what it looks like TODAY....one week later! I finally got back to running yesterday and today (just 4 miles each day). Toe is a little tender, but I think it's going to be fine. I guess we'll see how it is tomorrow after my 12 mile run!!!
The race is next Saturday in Snellville and it starts at 7:30am. The temperature here have been in the 90s every single day. The morning temperatures are in the 70s. It's pretty miserable trying to run in the heat. I'm just not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for a race in Georgia in June!!! As Jamie, sis-in-law, reminded me the other day-I should be just fine running the race since I have been training in these temperatures for months.
The most absolutely I can't even stand it exciting thing about this race next Saturday is that my sister and her girlfriend will be in town to watch!!!! They are moving from Michigan to Florida that weekend and stopping in GA on the way. More details on that later!! I just can't wait to see them both.
The other day Hayden got stung by a bee while the girls were swimming in their pool. I have never heard her scream like that before. Layne was very concerned about her big sis.

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