June 23, 2011

Run of the Ville 1/2 Marathon
On Saturday I ran my second 1/2 marathon! It was a hot day and a hard hilly course, but I finished. My feet were not too happy about the 13.1 mile run though. I'll post about that later though! Jamie, Matt, Mac, Jeff, Jan, Grandma Leakey, Jerm, and the girls were ALL there to cheer Lacy and I on!!
The run started and finished at Brisco Park. The girls and daddy saw us start the race then they headed to The Waffle House for breakfast. After that they came back to the park to play and wait for mommy! Notice Layne's running shoes!
We ran over this bridge in the park as we headed towards the finish line. Home stretch. Guess Layner is looking for me.
What a cutie!!
Pop with the grandkids.
Almost there!! This was a rough one. There really is a big difference running a half marathon in November when the temp at the beginning of the race is 32 degrees and running a half marathon in June when the temp at the beginning of the race was 75 degrees. The last half of the course was very hilly. They were pretty much mountains if you ask me!! I just didn't feel very good about my run during the entire race, but my finish time was only 5 minutes slower then the one I ran 2 years ago in November.
It was so great being done! My back was killing me so my wonderful hubby had no problem rubbing it for me.....or did he?!
Ahhhhh, stretching! When Lacy finished she said, "Well, we can check that one off the list." and I said, "Yeah, and never do it again!"
Overall I finished 83rd and 9th in my age group.

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