July 16, 2011

The Big Day!!

Here's sweet Layne's special birthday outfit....complete with the ladybug boots that sister got her!!
How could you not love this face!?!?
This year we did not do a meal, instead we did lots and lots of sweets!
Flower sugar cookies with little ladybugs....
Chocolate ladybug pretzels....
Ladybug cake pops (of course chocolate chocolate chip cake!)......
The absolute highlight to the party for Layne was the ladybug release. I purchased 2500 ladybugs from Ebay of all places! They arrived on Thursday and I was instructed to put them in the fridge until I needed them. When it was time, I got them out and we put bunches on ladybugs in individual bug jars for each child. They then walked through the garden to find "the perfect home" for their ladybugs.
Here's Connor making sure that he gets all of his little bugs out of the jar.
I am very surprised that Layne said this was her favorite part of the party. She was fine with the ladybugs in the jar until they started peeking their heads through the air holes trying to get out. She was just plain terrified about it. She wouldn't even hold her bug jar! I had to release her ladybugs....yet that was her favorite part!? So basically she was terrified of the entire theme of her 3rd birthday....awesome!
Abby and Hayden just loved letting the ladybugs crawl all over them.
The girls hanging with Pappy.
Pappy and Melody bought the girls grow frogs!! There are two in the container. Hayden named hers Froggy and Layne wanted to name her Hayden, but we talked her into naming it Ladybug instead!!
The sand and water table that Pappy bought the girls a few years ago was a huge hit! Carlee loved mixing the sand and water together!!
At the after party Hayden got a special gift of her own. Pappy and Melody bought Hayden some sand art stuff. They sat there for at least and hour and poured colored sand in little plastic bottles. Abby and Hayden were very precise about their layers and designs. Layne on the other hand would just get a few colors in, put the cap on and shake away!! Lots of fun.
Once EVERYONE left Pappy took his shirt off because he was hot. Of course the girls just had to do the same thing. I thought it was just the cutest thing.
What a great day. I just adore our two precious girls and I love love love celebrating them!! Happy Birthday Sweet Layne-y Bug!!

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Jessica said...

looks lile a great party! sorry we missed it! I'm always amazed at your creativity! what great ideas!! and of course, beautiful cake!