August 29, 2011

More From Florida....

This is the back of Beach Side Palms. This is where we stay every single year when we head to Treasure Island for our family vacation. Direct access to the private beach....LOVE IT!
Beach babes at sunset.

Sep and I got tattoos while we were there. They are both ambigrams. Mine says "Hayden" one way and "Layne" the other. September's says "Keep Going" both ways.
The birthday party for little Layner.
The happy couple just celebrated 1 year of marriage!
The girls and Pap took a trip out to the gas station for a special breakfast!
The family business. Sep and Morgan are pros in every aspect of the biz!!
Pap paints the girl's nails every year. He had trouble with Layner since she's so active. Lots of touch ups :)

One last visit to the shop before we headed back to GA.
Pap also got a new tat while we were down there.

Saying goodbye is no fun :(

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