October 11, 2012

Happy Baby! Even though Gwynn is totally out of her routine she has been pretty happy this week. Of course, she has her moments of madness....being put in the car/car seat repeatedly, having to take cat naps in our arms instead of her crib that she loves, and early evenings have been a little rough. I think it's been a good taste of parenthood for Johnny and Mwende. Their little bundle will be here in February!!

Yesterday the girls and I went to the airport to pick up daddy then we headed over to Pappy and Melody's to visit and see their new house. We had a nice lunch, got the tour, and hung out for a while. The girls even have a bedroom at the new house! It's complete with princess posters, Tinkerbell bedding, and a dollhouse! The girls slept over there last night and I can't wait to hear all about it. I know that they had lots of fun things planned-movies, sugar cookie baking, popcorn and ice cream, birthday shopping, decorating the house for Halloween, and donuts for breakfast!!
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