May 15, 2013

What a messy eater! 

She just gets it everywhere. She will eat ANYTHING and everything. 

The other night we were playing school. Layne was the teacher and she bossed us around. Daddy was the trouble maker, Hayden was the class clown, mommy was the tattle tail, and Gwynn just tried to eat everything! 

My new sign for Sugar and Spice parking! LOVE IT! 

Hayden was Fancy Nancy for character day at school last week. Just like Layner! 

On Friday night HAyden had a sleepover party to go to so we had a special night with just Layne (and Gwynn!) We took her to PetSmart to see all of the animals. 

She had a good time hanging out with just mommy and daddy! 

Saturday morning Whit, Jeremy, Jeff (Whit's friend) and I did the Savage Race. It was quite an adventure. I am going to have to write a longer post about it when I can get my thoughts together about the experience....and that's what it experience! 

Hayden was POOPED after her sleepover party at Hartlee's house. 

We dropped her off at build a bear and she got to "build a bear"! Adorable party idea!! 

On Mother's day we went to DP and then headed to Stone Mountain for a family gathering. We celebrated an upcoming wedding, and upcoming baby, and all the moms. As you can see....the girls played hard especially with their cousin Mac! 

All smiles most of the time....especially when she's making a mess! 

Ladybug and strawberry cookies for Layne's school. 

Layne has a bad habit of NOT singing for her programs. She will sing and sing during practices at school, but when it comes to the performance night she just won't do it. So, I bribed her with candy....and it worked! 

Birthday cookies at school! 

Ms Dennis was SO nervous about this.

Layne absolutely adores Ms. Dennis. She is so sweet to Layne. We all love Ms. Dennis. We are going to miss her next year :( 

Layne sang every song in her program. 

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