December 2, 2013

My little Thanksgiving Indian! 

We got the movie theater! 2-3 years in the making....but we closed on it and now the demo begins! Here's one of the kids classrooms/theaters. 

Here's the other elementary classroom/theater. 

One of the toddler rooms. 

Our other toddler rooms. 

The girls reenacting a scene from The Little Mermaid. This is the scene when Ursela (Hayden) takes the Little Mermaid's (Layne) voice. Sing....Keep Singing!  

My little turkey with the little turkey that she made at school. 

My three little munchkins hanging out on the top bunk. 

Waiting for Aunt September and Grandma to arrive!!!! 

They are here and we had a dance party on the first night!! 

We also took Aunt Sep to get her hair chopped! 

Loved this truck! 

They mainly came in to watch me run my Thanksgiving Day half marathon. It was 24 degrees when the race started! Miserable!!! 

But the medals were huge and totally worth it!!! 

On our way to our Thanksgiving dinner at Ruby Tuesdays! Oh cook Thanksgiving! 

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