February 27, 2010

Oil/Transmission Fluid....Same Thing?!

So, I have a pretty unbelievable story to share with you. It happened to my sister. It involves a Tire Center located at a huge store chain-let's call them "Zwall-Mart". So, it's Thursday and September is about to go and pick Morgan up at the Univ. of Michigan and take a road trip to Pittsburgh for the weekend. She decides that she's going to get an oil change before she picks Morgan up. That's where "Zwall-Mart" comes into the picture. Even though she hates this place Dad and Johnny have told her that it's the place to go for an oil change-the price is right and what could possibly go wrong with an oil change!? She drops the car off and about a half hour later heads back to the tire center in order to check on the progress. Sep sees her car in the parking lot with three mechanics taking a look-not a good sign! The manager recognizes her and says, "We've got a problem with your Montero...we'll be right with you." As she waits she sees one of the mechanics get into her car and reverse it out of the parking spot. As Sep put it-the car jumped out of the spot and when he put it into drive in order to get it back into the bay it jumped all the way there!! Turns out the mechanic down in the oil change bay apparently didn't pass the mechanics course :How To Tell The Difference Between The Oil Cap and the Transmission Cap. He drained the transmission completely, realized his mistake, recapped it, drained the oil, and told NOBODY about his mistake! Can you say-currently unemployed? So, they tell September about the problem and refill her transmission fluid. Fortunately, Dad and Johnny are like car geniuses so September brought them into the mix-via phone. Bill-the Tire Center Manager assured September that everything was fine and fixed and she was good to go. I believe that he even guaranteed his job on it! So, she was off to pick Morgan up. Smooth sailing from here on out.....well, until 30 minutes into the drive when the AT Temp light lite up her dash. Sure enough it was the Automatic Transmission Temperature light-what are the chances of that!? Car Genius Senior helped September discover that the transmission tank had been overfilled. Back to Zwall-Mart she drove. They had overfilled it by 2 1/2 quarts!!!! As they were draining some of the fluid off the apprentice did a little detective work of her own. She asked the guy behind the counter what exactly they had put in her car. He handed her the empty bottle and she called CG Senior again. He uncovered the fact that they had put the wrong product in the car! Apparently, the mechanic #2 knew that it was the wrong product but "they didn't have enough of the correct product so he just put something else in there"!! Apparently, he didn't pass the mechanics course: There Is No Substitute For The Correct Product! He may be joining Mechanic #1 in the unemployment line Monday morning. They had to make a special trip to Auto Zone in order to get the correct product. In the mean time a store manager who knew the situation approached September and told her how sorry she was for the situation. She wanted to offer September something for her time and trouble...."how about $25?" TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS for 5 hours of her time!!!!???? September did not accept it because she would have to sign something in order to accept it. Plus it was TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! As she was leaving the store, six hours from the initial arrival, she asked Bill-the manager-to throw in a tire pressure gage, to which he said, "ok, that'll be $5.02". He actually charged her for it!!

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