February 13, 2010

Peaceful Beauty

This morning when I woke up I walked into the family room and was surrounded by beautiful white trees against a bright blue background. It was breathtakingly beautiful!
This is something I don't remember seeing up north in the 21 years that I lived there! Up north during the winters the sky stays a grayish white color for like 4 months straight.
Loved it!
We went back outside this morning, after our Valentine's breakfast, since the sun was already melting the snow!
I asked Hayden if she wanted to make a snow angel and she immediately knew what to do!
Layne wasn't too excited about making snow angels.
I rolled a big snowball for Hayden.
Then we all went on a 4 wheeler ride down the street. It would have been funny to take a picture of the 4 of us piled on the 4 wheeler. Would have made a great red neck Christmas card picture or something!

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