February 12, 2010

Valentine Present

Today starting around 2pm it started to SNOW! Hayden was waiting and waiting for the snow and she was SO excited when it finally arrived! They just stood at the window and watched it fall.
After nap time we got the girls all bundled up to go outside.
Layner just couldn't believe her eyes!
The falling snowflakes kept getting stuck in Layne's long eyelashes.
We walked around the deck for a while and then ventured out to the yard.
The girls decided that they wanted to slide down the snow slide!
Hayden has never moved so fast down a slide. It was pretty funny because she is very cautious when she goes down slides. She puts her feet on the sides of the slide so that she can control her speed. Well, since her feet and the slide were wet she couldn't control anything!
She zipped down the slide into the pile of snow!
Next it was Layne's turn. I thought she was going to go down head first, but she changed her mind.
She literally flew off the slide!
Our snow covered front yard.
We found a little snow shelter while we were walking. The branches of the bushes were draped over so the snow did not fall on the ground in this spot.
Back inside, dry, and getting warm by the fire while mommy made hot chocolate for all!
Ahhhh, what an adventure.
Rubbing their hands to warm them by the fire.

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