March 13, 2010

Change We Can Believe In....

In case you have not heard, we are NOT moving to the new beautiful house in Loganville. Things fell through with the loan so we are here to stay....for a little while longer anyway. We decided that we would take some of our tax return money and make some changes to our house so it would look new to us :) Next best thing, right!?
So, here's what's on our list:
New area rug in family room (check), wood blinds for family room (check), new drapes for family room (check), new paint for family room, new paint for kitchen, new overhead light for the kitchen, single door leading from our bedroom to the back deck, and then a few more odds and ends.
Here's Jeremy and Hayden preparing the wall in the hallway for painting.
Now on to painting. He got this little $2 edger thing that he says is a "life saver". Arguably, it's the best $2 he's ever spent!

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