April 30, 2010


Let's start from the beginning....the Dishwasher Nazi-and I say that in the most loving way possible hubby dear-is very strict about what goes in the dishwasher and what gets washed by hand. To his credit-I am not the only one that has to do the dish washing around the house. Well, his logic in the whole thing has been that the dishwasher uses more water than washing dishes by hand. So, I just obliged-I will be honest and say that I sneaked a few "no no" items in the dishwasher on occasion-and didn't question it or google it for that matter. Well, just about a week ago as Jeremy was unloading the dishwasher I got busted. It was one of those "according to Jeremy no no items". I didn't know this at the time but he took a little time out from the unloading duty in order to google the whole items that should and should not go in the dishwasher-I guess to put an end to my not following the dishwasher rules that the Dishwasher Nazi set. To his surprise he actually found that the dish washing MACHINE uses LESS water than the good old fashioned method of washing dishes by hand!! Fortunately, he shared this wonderful news with me so that I could shove whatever (with the exception of my knives and Kitchen Aid stuff) would fit in the thing!!
Well, since I am not used to this dishwasher freedom I have had a little trouble. Let's just say that plastic measuring cups should not go on the bottom rack. They end up in the bottom where the heating element is and they get melted......As you can see by the picture. The 1 cup didn't get it too bad, but will it still measure a cup?!
So, maybe for Mother's Day I will receive some new measuring cups....maybe metal would be the best route. Awww, heck why not throw in some metal measuring spoons while you're at it. Because anyone who knows me knows that I don't always learn my lesson the first time around. This will probably happen again :)

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