May 1, 2010

Playin' Ball

Last night we went to the ball field to watch daddy and the rest of the DP softball team play. When daddy would get up to bat the girls would stand at the fence and scream "Go Daddy!" Layne would also grip her mouth around the chain linked fence......but that's beside the point!
In order to entertain herself Hayden decided to pick a beautiful girly bouquet of flowers for daddy. (Do you hear "Voices of Spring" by Johann Strauss playing in the background?)
(Abrupt switch of the CD to "Bad to the Bone") This is what little Layner does to entertain herself at the ball field. Laying in the dirt pouring handfuls of dirt all over her body! Along with putting any piece of trash in her mouth that she could find. She's a mess, but she's my little dirt ball and I absolutely adore every inch of this real life PigPen!!

It's funny because one of the other mother's at the game last night was watching Hayden and Layne play and she remarked about how different they were and how Layne seemed to be just like Jeremy and Hayden was just like me. I had to be honest and tell her that I was EXACTLY like Layne when I was little and I just evolved into a Hayden personality as I got older!! Jeremy was EXACTLY like Layne when he was little and he's still like her :)
After the game the girls treated daddy like a pro athlete! Hayden presented him with flowers and Layne helped him take off his shoes.

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