May 29, 2010

Boo Boo Baby!

Hayden fell and skinned her knees, ankle, and palms! She was running when she fell so that's what made it so bad. The boo boo on her nose is "because Layne scratched me"...really we think it's because she fell off of her pillow slide and got a brush burn on the blanket. She's a tough cookie though-smiling right through it.
Hello Kitty saves the day.

Tonight Layne and I went out to BJ's to get some supplies for the church and other stuff for us. As soon as I put those grapes in the cart she was determined to get into the container. It consumed her! I had stopped the cart and was looking at something for like 30 seconds when I was TOO quiet....
She had figured it out and was snacking on one grape at a time....very quietly.

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