May 30, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Yesterday while we were at Sarah's first birthday party Lisa shot some pictures of the girls. Isn't she an amazing photographer?! She has such a way of capturing moments....
The guys were outside playing football but Jerm took some time to cuddle with little Layner.
No joke-Hayden has a big brush burn scrape on her nose....not anymore! Lisa was able to do her magic.
Thanks for taking pictures of the girlies Lisa! You did an awesome job :)

Sleepover with G & P
On Thursday Jan came to pick the girls up for a day of fun. As you saw, I had SO MUCH baking to do and I really didn't want the girls to feel neglected so they had a sleepover. Jan asked me to pack the girls' bathing suits....and this was why!

Dancing in the dolphin fountain!
Drinking in the dolphin fountain!
It even had a slide!

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