July 28, 2010

Ready For School?!

Can you believe that the kids in Rockdale go back to school TOMORROW?! Hayden and Layne don't start for another couple of weeks though. I can't believe that I am going to be childless for 3 hours 4 mornings a week! What am I going to do with that time?!
Grandma's Farm
Here's Layner with one of the goats. Love this picture!
Surprises me that Hayden is so brave about feeding the goats.
The new addition to the farm. Hip and Eve. The girls were given the honor of naming the bunnies. Jan liked the names "Hip" and "Hop" so she tried to persuade the girls to name them that. Layne took the bait but Hayden stood strong with "Eve". So, there you have it....Hip and Eve!
What good little mommies!

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