July 31, 2010

It's Official!

My little brother is married!
Here's the cake that I did for them. White cake and white almond cake with chocolate and fresh raspberry filling, lemon and buttercream filling, and fresh strawberry and buttercream filling. Absolutely loved doing this cake for Johnny and Mwende! Thank you for having faith in me!
As you can see, Mwende was an absolutely stunning bride! She is such a beautiful person inside and out.
The flower princess did an outstanding job!
They had a very unique and personal ceremony that included a cute little poem that they read, a song that Mwende sang to Johnny, and best of all....Mwende's dad was one of the pastors that married them! It was beautifully done and was definitely centered around Christ.
Now they are off to spend a week on an island in south Florida for their honeymoon and we are ready to start our Florida vacation!!

1 love notes:

Mary said...

Congratulations to your family and wishes for many happy years and a full lifetime of love!
(Hayden is a GORGEOUS flower girl!)