August 5, 2010

Beach Bums

The girlies LOVE the beach! They love the water, sand, shells, sun, birds.......
We tried to keep a hat on little Layner so her head wouldn't get sunburned. Sometimes she liked wearing it and sometimes she didn't!
One day Pappy came to the beach to hang out with all of us! He worked hard to build the girls a sand castle.
The girls are very brave in the water. They'll walk in the waves and float on their backs (with some help).
Grandma and Pap hanging out under the umbrella.
Aunt Missy and Uncle Jeff were in town for Johnny's wedding and they "vacationed" for a few days too. They were just right down the road from us, so they came to the beach the same day Pappy did!
Pappy and Melody hanging out.
The ocean would just drain all of the energy out of the girls. They both took naps just about every single afternoon....sometimes in Pap's arms! Pap and Hayden are like Best Friends!
My cousins Max and Katie have been staying in the same condo with my Uncle Tom (their dad) all week! So, Hayden has some other buddies to play with! They were catching and watching little clam type things.
I just love these girls!
We had so much leftover food from the wedding. One of the trays of sandwiches was getting old. So, we took it down to the beach for the seagulls! It was nuts!
The girls were both able to feel the seagulls from their hands.....with a little help from daddy.
And some of us even received a little gift in return!
Cook out at our place last night. It poured rain while we were grilling out. Fortunately, we were under a little covering. But we had to walk up to the condo so we all got soaked! Dinner was awesome though!

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