July 3, 2010

Sweet Sale!

Let me start with a cute and funny story. Today Jeremy took Layne and they ran errands and I took Hayden and we ran errands. We stopped at the mailbox before we parted ways. There was a little envelope from grandma and pap! There were Silly Banz and stickers for the girls and a color swatch for me. As Hayden and I drove off she looked at her new package of Silly Bandz and said, "Mommy, I already have silly bandz." I told her that she can have more and trade them and collect them if she wanted. To that she said, "I think I will give these silly bandz to the church." We are doing a Silly Bandz Swap (among other things) at the Horse Park tomorrow for the Fabulous 4th at the Park. Then she said that she'd wear them for a little bit but then give them to the church.
The stickers on the other hand were opened and every single one of them was stuck to her legs, toes, and mouth! And this is how we ran errands today!!
We went to Kid to Kid to look for cute dresses for the girls for the upcoming family weddings. They were having a SALE! Buy 4 items and get 2 free!! So, I bought 3 dresses, 1 pair of shoes, and 2 bathing suits for $20!
Here's the princess' new bathing suit.....
And of course Layne needed a Dora bathing suit since sissy has one! Layne may just love Dora more than Hayden...if you can believe that's possible!!
Layne has just enough hair to hold a barrette. The other day Layne was at Jerm's work, dressed in ALL pink, and an agent walked in and said, "Oh, how old is he?" Seriously dude!? Did you not see her wearing all pink?! So, we are really trying to push the barrettes in order to give people another clue that our sweet child is just a hairless girl...not a boy!
Moo Moo hiding...
Miss Mazie cooling off in the pool.....

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