July 5, 2010

You Got A Problem

Layne helped me make dinner the other day. She kept making this face when I tried to take a picture of her. She's such a performer! Check out the new dress and silly bandz!
Special Mall Trip!
Today we all took a special trip to the mall....why do people go to the mall?!
To get their ears pierced! Hayden was so excited I think she was about to jump out of her skin. She was the perfect little customer for the "doctor".
She flinched a little with the first ear but was a pro for the second. No tears and she even got a lolly pop at the end! Tonight when I was cleaning them she even tried to do it herself!
Layne chillin' with her buddy Claire's Bear. Claire's Brear even has her ears pierced!
There was a choo choo train that kept going past blowing it's horn on the downstairs level. Layne was very distracted by that, so I had her sit on my lap during the piercing process.
Layne did have some tears, but she also got a lolly pop afterwards! They were both so brave.
Of all places, Victoria's Secret had this cute little pink polka dot dog in the entrance of the store. The girls just thought it was the cutest....until we took them to the pet store of course!

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