July 9, 2011

Getting Ready for 3...
(getting ready to turn 3 years old that is...)

Layner is going to be three one week from today! We went with a ladybug theme this year. I like to have the house decorated for the entire week before the party. It's one less thing that I have to do the weekend of the party and it helps us all get excited about the party! It's fun to celebrate the girls for an entire week....if you ask me! Here's Layne's special birthday hat that I found at Michael's. She has to wear it her own special way!
Yes, yesterday we dressed like cows and ate for free at Chick-fil-a! The costumes were plastic bags and hand made cow masks. The lady almost didn't give us "full credit" for the costumes. When I asked if each of us really got a free meal she looked me up and down and said under her breath, "It IS supposed to be a cow costume from head to toe but I'll give it to ya."

Girl cow masks for mommy, Hayden, and Layne.

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