July 6, 2011

SnoBall Cookies
September and Morgan had a VERY busy long weekend at the shop. This week isn't slowing down much for them either. So, I wanted to make them a little pick me up treat. We are all so proud of them and the amazing way that they are running the SnoBalls shop every day!!

10 for 10
We stopped at Kroger on the way to Test Kitchen tonight in order to get some juice. It was 10 for $10 so Layne and I grabbed 3. She really waned to help carry one.
The Journey Back Home
We left Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning and drove about 7 hours (it actually took me 9 hours with ALL the stops). I had to stop for breakfast, multiple potty stops, throw up stops....just to name a few!
We stopped overnight at a hotel in Huntersville NC. Jeremy booked it! Do you think the name of the city is a coincidence?! I don't think so. We had a huge king bed that I thought would be plenty big enough....until I looked over at how the girls were sleeping!
We went for a late night (8:30pm) swim in the pool.
We stopped at a Bob Evan's for lunch on the way to North Carolina. The girls just thought the smiles were the coolest thing.
These were taken on my phone (before the battery died) at Kennywood Park.

Ready for a big 4th of July day!!

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