October 8, 2011

The Baking Bash!

Pizza cake for the adults (caramel cake) and treat bags for the kiddos. Cupcakes are just extras. 

 The aprons are all ready to go. Once the girls arrived they got to pick their apron and put it on so we'd be ready to get baking! 
 This morning Grandma, Pap, and the girls headed to Party City for the balloons and to a gas station for ice.....this is what they came home with too! Check out Hayden's cupcake slippers! TJ Maxx.....love it! 
 Birthday balloons so that Hayden's friends would know where to go! 
 Layner getting ready for sissy's party! 
 Our early arrivers hanging out on the deck before the baking began. Morgan, Hartley, Hayden, and Kendall. 
 Layner had to get in the picture! 
 First project was making their own pizzas for lunch. They did such a great job spreading the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on their own pizzas. Then it was off to the oven!

 Next it was time to make their very own recipe book. Since none of them can write recipes down I told them that they could use it to draw pictures of some of their favorite foods. 
 Lots of fun, it kind of made me miss being in the classroom just a tiny little bit.

 By the time they were done making their recipe books the pizzas were done and cooled! 
 Then it was time for the fun stuff.....cake decorating! 
 Lots of colors of icing! 

 Tons of different kinds of sprinkles and toppings! 
 Kendall's masterpiece! 
 Hartley's masterpiece
 Morgan's masterpiece 
 Layne's masterpiece
 Abby's masterpiece
 Hayden's masterpiece 
 Oakliegh's masterpiece
 Next it was time for cupcakes and ice cream! 
 We couldn't find a match or lighter, so we just pretended that the candle was lit!!! 

 Present time! 
Modeling the Steeler jersey that Pap and Grandma got her and the Steeler tutu that Julie made her!! She is set for Sunday game days!! 
I had an absolute blast at Hayden's party today, not sure about the girls but I had fun! 

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