October 19, 2011

Catching Up

The girls went out shopping with Grandma and Pap during Hayden's birthday weekend. The both picked up their very own umbrellas! Here's miss Hayden modeling hers. Check out the shirt that Aunt Jamie made for her.....adorable! 

 Miss Layne got a Tinker Bell umbrella. It rained today so they were able to use them when we dropped Layne off at school! 

 This is how I found Layne sleeping one day last week. She had fallen off of the bed and just continued sleeping right on the floor. Hayden fell out of bed this morning too, but she didn't continue with her slumber! It woke her right up. 
 Layne is an animal person FOR SURE. She can not get enough of our new addition. She's not a big fan of the needle sharp puppy teeth, but she deals with it because she loves to play with Roxy so much. 
 Bath time for the pup. Layne really wanted to comfort Roxy during bath time because she wasn't too excited about the whole experience. 
On Monday Layne, Ella, and I headed into Hayden's school so that we could take a birthday treat into her class. We were shocked when Hayden's teacher invited Layne to eat lunch with her big sis! I don't think that Layne liked it, but she really wanted to eat at big school with the big kids and her big sis. 
We brought in a cookie cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! 

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