October 29, 2011

Haydens First Race!

This morning Hayden had her first race! It was a 1 mile fun run at First Baptist Church. The registration was only $10 and a pair of gently used shoes! So, I signed her up for the fun run and I signed myself up for the 10K. She's been training for it at Bootcamp each week. 
Last night I made a sign for Layne to hold as she cheered on her sister this morning. This side has little polka dots on each letter so Layne said "this is the spicy side!" 
Hayden was just beside herself with excitement this morning! 
Unfortunately, my race started at 9:00 and her started at 9:15. So, I did not get to see her run her three laps in the parking lot. Daddy was with her the whole time and Pappy and Layner were right there cheering her on. She says that she wants to continue running races!! FUN STUFF!! 
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