October 16, 2011

Those Girls!

Here is a picture of Layne holding the American flag so that Hayden can say the Pledge of Allegiance.

 Here is Layne modeling her new pirate earrings. Funny story about that....so we got this adorable invitation to a pirate party for one of Haydens friends. We were all so excited about it....especially jeremy (that was a joke). So Jerm had to drop the girls off on Saturday because I had something else to do. As he pulled in the driveway he noticed that there were no balloons on the mailbox, no kids or parents running around or entering the house. Things just didn't feel right. He soon realized why things "didn't feel right". The party was NOT Saturday, it was Friday! So, the girls missed the party but they did get to stay and play with Oakleigh for a little bit. They were able to give Oakleigh her present and then even got cupcakes and treat bags! Jeremy's text to me on Saturday read " Party was yesterday. Thanks for that." These pirate earrings were in the treat bags. Our little gypsy girl :)
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