November 29, 2011

The girls playing with daddy's Kindle Fire. Unfortunately, Layne is not longer allowed to play with it. She uninstalled everything the other day. Everything is A-OK now though :) 

 Tonight we went to Layne's school for Cookies and Coco with Santa. We started by making coco and then we were off to make Christmas Tree hats! 
 Hayden got to see lots of teachers and friends from last year. It was a good time!
 We also got to make this cute little Santa decoration. 

 Layne has come a long way with the "Santa issue" over the past month. When I first talked with her about it last month she didn't even want to go to Cookies and Coco with Santa. Then she decided that she'd go, but she was NOT going to see Santa. Next she decided that she would sit on his lap but she would NOT talk to him. Today when I asked her about it she said that she would sit there long enough for just ONE picture. She even held up one finger as she told me, so that there would be no confusion about it!! 
Here she is nervously waiting......
I adore the relationship that the girls have with each other. They are each other's best friend and so much more.
 Ok, here we go! 
Finally, a Santa picture with both of them smiling!!!! 
So proud of little Layner! 

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