December 13, 2011

Christmas is Coming!!

First off....I am IN LOVE with Pintrest! That's where I found this cute Christmas shirt idea. So easy and so cute! I did both of them in 30 minutes! Aren't they the cutest girls ever?! Hayden is learning how to do her own hair, as you may be able to tell.

On Saturday night we had an DP Staff and Family Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. It was a lot of fun, most fun I have had in a very long time! This is the sweater that I made for the party. Jerm's sweater, other pictures, and even video can be seen on my facebook.

Hayden's Christmas Program at school. The video is on facebook. She was so cute and did an excellent job!

One of Hayden's besties.....Hartley.

Hayden in her PJ's all dressed and ready for her Christmas Program.

I needed a specific kind of brownie for a recipe and there were a few boxes shoved way way in the back of the bottom I sent Hayden in for the job. It was so funny.
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