December 28, 2011

Christmas in Florida

This year we are spending Christmas in Florida with Pappy, Melody, Johnny, Mwende, September, and Morgan. Here are the girls just enjoying the nice warm weather on Pappy's front porch.

The other day on our way to the beach we stopped by September and Morgan's house to pick some grapefruit. I have never seen grapefruit so big! They have a huge back yard with two grapefruit trees and maybe even an avocado tree too!

Then it was off to the beach. I didn't bring suits with us because I thought that it would be too cold for them to swim that day. So, instead we just stripped them down to their undies!

I have no idea what nut ball is doing here. Maybe it's her impression of a sea gull taking flight.

The water was ice cold so the girls just did a lot of digging in the sand.

Wet toes is as far as we got!

Pappy and the girlies

Lastly, we thought that it would be a great idea to pile sand on our bums.

Yesterday Johnny and Mwende brought over a gingerbread house kit!

We all sat  around the table and put it together. Some (Johnny) were a little messier about the decoration that others.

We had a major flaw in the foundation right from the start. Somebody (same person as mentioned above) turned the side boards of the house the wrong way during building. And none of us caught it!! He even trimmed the two side pieces so that they would fit that way! Oh well, it's Florida so it's an open air house!
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