January 13, 2012

Arctic Animal School Project

So, Hayden has her first "long term" project at school. We have about 2 weeks to do it. She has to pick an arctic animal and do a project that shows how they live. So, we are doing penguins in Antarctica. 
First we blew up three little balloons and paper mached them. No pictures of that......it was VERY messy. 
Then they had to dry for 2 days. Today we paint! 

Hayden even let sister help paint. 
When she came home with the paper telling all about the project I got very excited! Jeremy said, "Before you start the project you need to watch this week's Modern Family." I did, and it was VERY relevant to the situation. Of course, I justified it by saying that Hayden is only 5 years old and she NEEDS my help :) 
So, fun times ahead!!! 

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Lindsey Martin said...

So cute! I saw Modern Family too...and I totally agree with you, she's only 5 so she MUST have your help...lol...too creative...can't wait to see the final penguins!