February 19, 2012

Hospital Time

Last Sunday night my dad called me to tell me that Marmee (his mom) had an accident and was in the hospital. After further testing they felt that she had a brain aneurysm and it didn't look good. They transported her from a hospital in Grove City to on in Pittsburgh. That's where they found out that it was not an aneurysm but a cerebral hemorrhage instead. That's when September and Morgan called and threw out the idea of us all driving up to Pittsburgh to see Marmee. The girls and I were in! So, early Monday morning Sep and Morgan arrived in GA. We then left to Pittsburgh around 8am that morning.
We spent the days at the hospital with family and the nights at Grandma and Pap's house hanging with them. Marmee improved every day. By Thursday they had discharged her from the hospital and transported her to a rehab facility. She will be there for about 2 weeks. It was so good to see Marmee and all of dad's family while we were in town. And we're so glad that Marmee is on the mend!!!

Morgan and September brought some great games for the girls to play during the days that we sat up at the hospital. One of their favorites was Spot It!!

We got to see all of Pappy's brothers and sisters while we were in the burgh. Aunt Cindy was a favorite! Bucky the Branco rides for all!!

And of course we got to hang out with Pappy!

One day they got to watch Dolphin Tale!

Best Buds!

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