February 6, 2012

Winter in Georgia

This weekend the weather was just beautiful so we spent a lot of time outside. Fridays are normally PJ days for Layne since she doesn't have school. Gotta put those shoes on before you go outside though, even if you're wearing feety PJs! 

Hayden was so excited on Saturday when she found out that she actually owns "maternity pants" too!! What a nut! 

Daddy was blowing all of the leaves off of the driveway and all of a sudden Roxy came through the back door holding this newspaper in her mouth. I immediately thought that Jeremy had given her the paper at the bottom of the driveway and instructed her to "take it to mommy". Not sure why I thought that she was capable of that when she doesn't even come when you call her half the time!! 

Sunday was a day at the school. Mommy ran and the girls and daddy played. 

She could ride her bike down the hill, but that's it! 

Hayden is just a little bike riding expert! 

This is what she did most of the time! 
Great weekend....except for the fact that Layne has strep, didn't slow her down though! 

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