March 11, 2012


The girls came home from church today with little chore cups. There are 7 pictures of 7 different chores that they can do throughout the week. It's to teach them responsibility and serving others. They were super excited about it!! I told them that after nap time they could do a chore!

Hayden picked washing dishes. Jeremy pulled me aside and said, "Since this is her first time and she IS 5 please don't correct her. I will just rewash them all later." Did he think that I would actually correct her?! Honestly, it's probably a good thing that he DID say something because I may just have tried to step in and assist her :)

Layne picked sweeping. Roxy likes to take Mazie's bed into her cage and pull out the brown stuffing in it. So, Layne wanted to sweep that up.

She even got dressed for the cleaning occasion. One of her old Easter dresses that Pappy bought her and of course her princess crown. Maybe she is trying to retell a new version of Cinderella?!
They both completed their chores wonderfully!!
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