March 1, 2012

Lovely Ladies

Gwynn's bedding came yesterday. I love craigslist! It's a ladybug theme. I feel in love with this bedding because it had ladybugs (which was the theme of Layne's 3rd birthday so the nursery already has tons of ladybug stuff in there!), it was red, pink, and green (so I didn't have to re-paint the walls), and because it was gently used on craigslist and cheap! Love love love it.

This is what Layne's hair looks like after she has it pulled up for school and then takes it out during the school day. Goober!

How did this happen?! Hayden isn't a baby or toddler anymore. She is getting so big and starting to look so old to me! Ugh!!

Sweet sisters hanging outside on this beautiful day.
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