March 16, 2012

Odds and Ends

Ella Jane's Birthday party is Tomorrow!!! It was so great to have a reason to use both of my stand mixers at the same time...just like the good old days again. I really have been missing baking cakes, cookies, and other goodies for people. But, it's a lot harder trying to get it all done while pregnant. I just feel like I am moving in slow motion! Her cake is going to be three tiers-white almond with buttercream, strawberry with strawberry buttercream, and chocolate chocolate chip with chocolate buttercream. And of course she'll have her own little smash cake.....or smoosh cake as Layne says :)

Hayden doesn't have school today or Monday. So she was able to hang out with Layne, Ella, and I all day today! She started the morning with a little dress up. It was an interesting "test" with three girls in the house all day today :)

Hayden put this ladybug hat on Ella and she just loved it! It was so cute that we had to give it to her. I can't believe this precious baby is going to be one!!

I was talking with Lisa in the driveway today and Hayden had my phone. THIS is what she took a picture of!! What the heck is Roxy doing peeing on the driveway?? I don't have any idea!
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