May 30, 2012

Just Waiting for The Baby!!

Well, the nursery is done! Every little details in complete......

Ladybugs watching everywhere!

My very favorite chair. Don't you LOVE the blanket that Grammie crocheted for Gwynn. It's just perfect! 

The pots are from the shower. They just fit so perfectly with the decor that I used them in the room.

Closet filled with clothes and diapers! Those are just the size 1 diapers and wipes. The size 2 and 3 are in the crawlspace.

Then there's the playmat that Kari let us borrow (along with TONS of clothes and other baby items!). The beautiful swing that Jeremy's grandma bought us. And the highlight of the whole room......the Steelers diaper bag that Grandma and Pap gave Gwynn!!

A close up of the crib bedding. The Angle monitor isn't hooked up yet, but there's part of it. That thing is amazing. It can tell me the temperature of the babies room and if I set a\ temperature alarm it will sound if the room gets too hot or too cold! The pad goes under the mattress and it can still sense the baby's movement! I can set the noise sensitivity so I don't hear every tiny noise if I don't want to. I can watch the baby and ZOOM in! I can have timers and alarms on the monitor part that I carry around....... It's just amazing!
The little lamb says a's the cutest thing. Then there is the binki inch worm. There is a binki at the end of more losing them!

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I am david. said...

Room filled with cuteness that will soon be filled with LOVE!!! :o)

House of Collinsworth said...

Oops...I was signed into David's account. The previous comment is from me (Lisa!)