May 14, 2012

Odds and Ends

So, one of the many things that I picked of from my mother is pile making. When we were little if we left our stuff around the house my mom would make a pile for us on the steps leading upstairs. We would have so long (mostly 24 hours) to remove the pile from the steps of it was trashed. I don't think that she ever really threw stuff away because we knew how serious she was! Well, when the girls trash my truck with their stuff I just pile it up on the steps in the garage. That's what happened to Layne's jacket. It sat out there for a few days and Jeremy and the girls ended up bringing it in on Saturday and THROWING IT ON THE FLOOR!? What was the point of bringing it inside if you are going to throw it on the family room floor!? Anyway, I picked it up and something went crawling up my arm. I screamed, hit my arm, dropped the jacket, and ran. So much for not over reacting!! Well, it was a lizard. It just scurried right back under the jacket when I dropped it. I asked Jeremy very calmly but very sternly to get rid of the lizard. Well, he slowly picked up the jacket and the lizard scurried under the piano. GREAT! So, that was the end of trying to catch the lizard.
This afternoon when I was getting ready to feed Ella I went to get the high chair and this is what I found!! I calmly took a picture of it and texted it to Jeremy with the message "DANG YOU!" Then I took the plastic tray insert, opened the back door, and launched it! And it's still there!

Layner and I took and afternoon trip to Sonic for 1/2 price slushies and then went to the park!

Swing swing....she could do that all day!

I had some extra dough after I made Layne's birthday cookies and some smiley cookies for the teachers at Layne's school so I decided to make some closing cookies! Johnny and Mwende closed on their very first house last month. They are in the process of moving in!! And Matt and Jamie close on their house tomorrow! Such an exciting time!!

The weather has been so nice lately and now I have my NEW comfortable deck we decided to break out the pool this afternoon!

I was sitting there enjoying my comfortable chair watching the girlies play and all of a sudden POOP! A bird flew over me and pooped on my tummy! Crazy and nasty!

Swimming sisters!!
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