May 28, 2012

The Wonderful Weekend!

On Saturday morning the girls, grandma and I headed to the salon to get a hair cut for Hayden and myself! Something we have not done since before I was pregnant!! Here's Layner talking to Aunt September on the phone before we left. 

Waiting to be called for the cut. 

Goodbye long hair!! She wanted it to her ears! 

After hair cuts it was off to lunch. 

Then we headed to the park for a Discover Kids ice cream social. It was so much fun! 

Sunday afternoon was the big baby shower.....and it WAS big and beautiful! 
Two of my dear friends Mary and Lisa put the shower on for me. They got so many wonderful ideas from pinterest and it all came together amazingly. Every little details was thoughts out and lady bugged themed! 

The cake table. What an adorable way to layer plastic table cloths! 

No, I did not do my own cake, but isn't it beautiful?! 

Little onesie cookies even have little lady bugs on them! 

A bunch of ladies from DP pitched in and made all different themed foods for the shower. Everything was delicious! 

There were around 35 or 40 people there! We ate, laughed, played cute games, opened gifts, and ate cake. I have not felt that loved in a very long time. It was such an amazing day. 

So many gifts....mostly diapers and wipes which I am ecstatic about. 

The girls were such great helpers. They brought gifts to me, opened gifts, and moved opened gifts out of the way. 

The girls even got a few special big sister gifts just for them. So sweet for people to think about the big sisters! 

This was one of the last gifts. It was in a huge box. I unwrapped it and there was another wrapped box inside! No card, so I had no idea who this mystery gift was from. I opened the second box to find the Angelcare monitor....platinum edition! This video movement monitor is something that is very important to us. It's nice to know that you can see your baby sleeping soundly in her crib at any time AND the movement sensor is amazing in the case that she'd stop breathing! After I opened the monitor Sandra came up with the card.....that's when I lost it. When I opened the card I saw that 13 beautiful women came together to get this gift for me. It was so touching and unbelievable all at the same time. 
Sunday was one of those days that will stick with me for a very long time. It was such a good day and I felt so blessed to have so many amazing women and family members in my life. 

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Anonymous said...

Love you, Trista! So glad you had this special weekend. -MA