June 14, 2012

Our Get-Away

We traveled up to Lake Hartwell this week and stayed in a friend's vacation home on the lake. We had NO idea the house was going to be this beautiful. It was just absolutely amazing....inside and out. 

It rained for the first two days. But as soon as it cleared up we headed to the dock. 

The girls really wanted to go fishing with daddy. So, he took turns fishing with each of them. 

Then it was time to wade in the water. This picture was Hayden's idea. She said, "Why don't we take one of us looking at each other mommy!?" 

One day we headed to South Carolina to a Botanical Garden. There was a lot of walking....so we didn't see much. But we did stop at the hydrangea garden! I LOVE hydrangeas!! 

She just had to smell every single flower. She said "Mmmmm" whether it had a smell or not! 

These butterfly bushes were just beautiful and huge! 

On the way home from SC we stopped at the Hartwell Dam. It was pretty cool.

Then we stopped at another spot so that we could walk on top of the dam. The walk was pretty.....but very long!! I just told them to go ahead and not worry about me staying with them. 

One day Jeremy took the girls (one at a time) out on a canoe so that they could fish together. Hayden caught her first fish!! She was VERY nervous about holding the line. 

Another day daddy and the girls went swimming in the lake together. 

It looks like Hayden is being very brave and going down the slide onto the water.....but that was not the case. She was pretty terrified. I held her the whole way going down and then just gently dropped her into the water.....Oh well. 

It was a nice last family of four get-away. 

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