June 28, 2012

Re-Organizing the Nest!

I really don't remember nesting at all with Hayden or Layne, but I totally am with Gwynn. I found this awesome blog that gave some great organization tips.....here it is in case you're interested!
Here's part of the newly organized pantry!

The other half of the pantry. Everything is so clear and neat and clean!

Laundry room top shelf. Need something? Now you know exactly where to look!

My craft closet, which is the top part of Gwynn's armoire. Once again, everything labeled so I know exactly where to find my beloved crafting supplies!

Under the girls sink. They helped me a lot with this room. We did the drawers too, but I'm only capturing the main stuff! Now the question is....how long will the bins look this neat and tidy?!

Master closet....I've always had a hard time keeping my sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies neat and organized! Not anymore!!

One of the drawers in our bathroom. I can't stand counter clutter.......

But will Jeremy be able to keep his side of the counter de-cluttered?
I also did the kitchen drawers, my sock, bra, and underwear drawer, all bathroom drawers and cabinets, coat closet, and a little of Jeremy desk. This was ALL in a day! Not sure what I'll do tomorrow!
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