June 9, 2012

More Crafting!!

Jeremy and some guys have been working hard up at Discover Point in order to change our current office into a three stall ladies restroom! It's MAJOR renovation and there's only four of them doing it. Fortunately, the four guys are very knowledgeable and handy (of course, one of them being my hubby!)
I really wanted to thank them for all of their hard work so far and that way that I thank people is by baking for them :) 
I didn't want to run to the store to get boxes, because that meant I needed to get out of my comfy clothes (ok.....pajamas!). So, I looked up a tutorial on how to make a paper box! Simple and cute...right?! 

So, it's playgroup time at Discover Point! I love the summers and playgroups. You guys remember me talking all about mine last year, Test Kitchen. Well, there is another one that I am participating in and I LOVE it already. It's a Pinterest Playgroup! Need I say more? What's not to love about a playgroup that has to do with Pinterest crafting!? This week was our first week and we made costers! They said we could bring our own scrapbook paper and photos so I got to brainstorming. This is how they turned out. I am in love with them. They are a gift, so I won't be able to use them myself but I know the one getting them will just cherish them :) 
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