July 25, 2012

Bath Time and Moby

Now that Gwynn has lost her umbilical cord we can do real baths! She slept through her first read bath, so I didn't want to take pictures. Today she was awake and "enjoying" it so it was picture time! Look at those skinny little legs! She is growing though. I weighed myself and her yesterday then subtracted my weight. We think that she's between 8 and 8 1/2 pounds already!! Our digital scale only does pounds and 1/2 pounds. 

She tolerates bath time until it's time to wash her beautiful hair, then she gets very upset about the whole thing! 

Once she's wrapped in her towel the world is perfect again. Her skin is pretty try so we make sure to lotion up before getting dressed. Isn't she just beautiful?! 

Then it's time for the cute outfit of the day. 

I plan on using this once we go back to Discover Point on Sundays. It's a way to keep her happy, give me both arms, and to keep her close to me. I really don't think that I'm an overprotective mommy, but my job right now as a mommy to Gwynn is to keep her happy, healthy, and safe and of course to love her to pieces! The best way that I know to do that is NOT to have her passed around from person to person to person when we're in public. So, hands off for a little while :) 

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