July 3, 2012

Home Stretch.....

Yes, we are in the final weeks of pregnancy and I am so ready! It's such an inner battle with me. I am not feeling like myself and I haven't for weeks now, but I want so badly to be "back to normal". I like being active and happy and fun to be around, but I just can't seem to get there these days. I totally understand why, I'm hot, miserable, uncomfortable, achy, sleep deprived, irritable, emotional, and beyond ready for Gwynn to be here. Part of me still feels like I should just be able to get over this and be me. After all, I can SEE the light at the end of the tunnel now....it really won't be long before I am holding baby G in my arms! Why can't I just enjoy these last couple of weeks? Enjoy being a family of 4, enjoy having an excuse to waddle, enjoy eating if and when I want, enjoy the internal hiccups and kicks that Gwynn give me, enjoy the naps and extra rests that I take, enjoy the comfortable maternity pants that I love so much???? I feel bad not being happy. I feel guilty, like I am being a spoiled brat that can't handle it. Am I alone in feeling this way? I just can't remember what it was like when I was pregnant with Hayden or Layne. The fact that I have to keep in mind is that little Gwynn will be here in 16 days or less!  

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