July 14, 2012

The New Love of Our Lives!

Lisa came up to the hospital the day that Gwynn was born and she took some really great pictures. As you will be able to tell....I could not just pick a few, so I added TONS! 
Here's Hayden getting to hold her sweet sister for the first time! She did not want to let go once Gwynn was in her arms. 

Our little nurturer making sure that Gwynn's head is comfortable and positioned just right. 

She just could not wait to hold sister. Such a proud moment in her life for sure! 

Our family of five, finally complete! 

The new middle sister of the family...Layne! 

The new baby of the family....Gwynn! 

When they moved me from labor and delivery to the other side everyone had to stay outside while they got me situated in the room. At that point my legs were still pretty useless so I needed A LOT of help getting on the bed and comfortable. Within about 2 hours though I was good to go. 

I can't even put into words how excited we all are to have Gwynn here. She's such a sweet baby girl. So content and beautiful. I just can't wait to watch her change and grow over the next few months. 

Making the journey from labor and delivery to our nice peaceful other room. 

Perfect little girl. 

David and Lisa hanging out with us for a little while. 

Grandma and her girls! 

Grandma and the girls hung out together while mommy and daddy were at the hospital with Gwynn. They were busy little bees....going to the library, swimming in the pool on the deck, getting ice cream, going back to the library, grocery shopping, cooking......

Here's the necklace that mom gave me when they came to meet Gwynn. I am in love with it!! 

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