July 23, 2012

Feed Time, Wake Time, Sleep Time....

Today kicks off day one of getting Gwynn on a schedule. Now, she has really been on a schedule since we got home-I have to wake her up every three hours during the day to feed her and at night she wakes up every three hours (sometimes less) on her own so that I can feed her. But, we have done the Baby wise scheduling with the other two girls and it really seems to create happy babies! The basics are that you feed your baby at a certain time first thing in the morning (6:30am for us) and then the baby has some wake time doing some sort of activity (swing, play mat, looking out window, going for a walk...) then when they start to fuss it's nap time. At her age all these events take place between 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Then you start all over again. Both Hayden and Layne had a little trouble soothing themselves in the beginning-especially Layne. I know that this is just Gwynn's first day but she is doing an great job! She's eating well during feed time, she's not that hard to keep awake at wake time, and she cries for maybe 3 minutes before sleep time! Here's a picture of she and Layner during one of her wake times this morning.

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