August 13, 2012

1 Month Check Up

Gwynn had her 1 month check up this morning! It felt so weird going to the doctor with just one child again. She is growing and doing well! I talked with the doctor about Gwynn's gassy problems. She doesn't really complain about gas, but I hear her tummy rumble and she poots a lot! Doctor said that if she's not complaining about it, it's nothing to worry about. She also has a rash on her diaper area. I wasn't sure if it was diaper rash since it wasn't getting any better when I put the butt paste on it. She said that it may be yeast. So, we got a prescription to treat that. Hope that goes away soon. Gwynn doesn't complain about that either though! Ok, so here are her numbers.....Weight-9 pounds 11 ounces (75%), Height-21 3/4 inches (75%), Head Circumference-38 1/2 centimeters (75%). Now, before you get all excited and think that Gwynn is going to be an average or above girl when it comes to those measurements.....that's how Hayden and Layne started out too. Between 6 to 9 months is when the girls decide that they don't want to be above average anymore. Genetics take over and they fall below average! We shall see what Miss Wynnie wants to do :)
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