August 19, 2012

Soil, Sour Cream, Salt, and Spoons!

Checking out the damage that Roxy did to one of the planters. She decided that it needed to have a huge hole in the corner :) Who knew that she was a landscape designer!!

Hayden helping me make dinner last night. It was an easy Pinterest recipe. I have found that with pinterest recipes they are either really great or not good at all!

Daddy has been traveling on and off for the past three weeks. We have managed, but we have missed him. The girls would even cry at night sometimes because they missed him so much. Just broke my heart. We think he's home for good now though!

Another picture of Hayden helping with dinner last night. She was in charge of using the salt grinder to salt the chicken. Instead of twisting the grinder she twisted the entire cap off of the salt! Oops!!

During Skype one night Grandma and Aunt September told the girls that we used to get spanked with a wooden spoon when we were little. The girls new favorite thing is to think of reasons why daddy needs to get a spanking with the wooden spoon! So silly!  

Isn't she just the cutest thing?! She is continuing to do very well with everything. She isn't nursing for as long, but I read that around this age she becomes more efficient at feeding. So, that probably it. I told Jerm that I guess she would be screaming if she was hungry...and she doesn't do that! She definitely loves her mommy. This weekend she hasn't been sleeping too well in her crib during the day-she's been waking up early-, but when I go get her she falls fast asleep in my arms. During the week because of the school drop off and pick up schedule she doesn't nap in her crib much, so that could have something to do with it too. She slept for a 6 1/2 hour stretch last night....AWESOME!
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